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What type of surveyor’s GPS is used for surveying missions?

FIXAR can be equipped with an optional GNSS receiver that operates in PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) mode. PPK module consists of a receiver unit and an antenna.

Does your autopilot use the PX4 flight stack?

FIXAR represents an all-in-one UAV solution with its own hardware and proprietary software for the autopilot system.  We don’t use any open-sourced stacks, neither PX4, nor Mavlink.

Where are the components for FIXAR UAVs sourced from?

All design and manufacture is made in house, from the aircraft’s structural elements to the autopilot boards. Some performance parts (such as rotors or battery elements) are purchased from specialized third-party suppliers in order to provide the best quality and reliability.

Does FIXAR use a tilting rotors scheme?

All 4 rotors are mounted at a fixed angle on a frame that swings forwards and backward relative to the rest of the aircraft. Thus, the vector of the lifting force from the rotors lifts the aircraft and ensures its horizontal flight pattern. During cruise mode and in vertical take-off/landing mode, all rotors remain in effect and do not create drag during a flight. Moreover, in horizontal flight, not only the wing but also the rotors generate lift resulting in a 3 times increased power reserve in comparison with copters type UAV’s of the same weight.

What is FIXAR Outdoor made of?

The aircraft frame, wings, and elevator are made from composite materials, such as glass fiber, fiberglass plastic, carbon fiber composite. The main structure is made from epoxy-bonded Kevlar. All major components are protected according to the IP55 standard.

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